Made of Moonlight's high-quality products are made using Mother Nature’s most powerful elements to promote a healthy and balanced mind, body, and soul. Our inspiration comes from merging our intrinsic need to help support and guide people's self-care routines with our deep love of the moon and its energy.  All of our products are reiki infused or moon charged to fully activate their magic.

Our rollers are lovingly hand-prepared with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.  Each roller is perfectly formulated to help support natural sleep patterns, boost the respiratory system, calm the nervous system, and offer many other benefits.  

The Moon and Terra Bath Soaks are designed to ground, detoxify the body, and stimulate its energy centers. Although the Moon Bath is commonly used during the full moon as part of a moon bath ritual, both bath soaks can be used at any time to support and enhance your self-care routine.  Our naturally-made Bath soaks should be used upon receipt.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! 

Nydia is a certified Reiki Practitioner, Angel Tarot Card Reader, and Meditation Teacher as well as a  yoga teacher (500YT).  Her meditation journey began over ten years ago and led her down the path of spirituality and personal growth which in turn helped her discover her passion for helping others heal and grow. Reiki, tarot readings, meditation, yoga, and Made of Moonlight products are some of her favorite healing and personal growth tools.